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How to Publish

1.finding ad code2.change with your publisher code 3.copy it to url redirection code 4.publish url link 5. link it to site contents

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Finding ad code

If you want to find certain advertise code. 1.go to https://seokorea.net/phpBB2/search.php check—> 모든 내용 검색 2.here are some picture example This is https://seokorea.net/phpBB2/index.phpYou can see english Template when you change with Choosing Language at Publisher BBS .But when korean character Broken  youhave to encode with korean.  ex) IE menu:view-> encoding->korean Click Search or (검색 in korean) ex) Finding yoox ad code* Please check Seach for all items and you can find your yoox code, so you …

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Choosing Language at Publisher BBS

If you Prefer English 1.go to https://seokorea.net/phpBB2/profile.php?mode=editprofile 2. Select Language

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